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Main Course



Aappam ..

AED 2.10 Ex Tax: AED 2.00

Chicken Keema Aappam

Chicken Keema Aappam ..

AED 5.25 Ex Tax: AED 5.00

Hyderabadi Chicken Biriyani

Hyderabadi Chicken Biriyani..

AED 17.85 Ex Tax: AED 17.00

Fish Curry

Fish Curry..

AED 26.25 Ex Tax: AED 25.00


Chicken Manchurian Dry

Chicken Manchurian Dry..

AED 18.90 Ex Tax: AED 18.00

Schezwan Gobi Dry

Schezwan Gobi Dry..

AED 15.75 Ex Tax: AED 15.00

Discover a new culinary experience at the best Indian restaurant in Dubai

Aappam kadai offers a diverse range of culinary experiences for our customers to enjoy, but we are particularly proud with our aappam, which we believe is unlike any of its kind in the city. If you want to taste the best aappam in Dubai, come visit Aappa kadai today.

A truly authentic south Indian restaurant offering the best Indian food in the city today

When it comes to flavour, nothing comes close to Indian cuisine. Culinary offerings from this diverse country are often recognisable for their use of various spices and seasonings that turn dishes into transcendent experiences. As an authentic south Indian restaurant, Appa Kadai aims to bring the same flavourful expression of dishes inspired by the rich cultural heritage of India to Dubai for you to enjoy.

Energise your morning with a healthy serving of Egg Masala Aappam or a Ghee Roast Masala to partner with the best aappam in town. For refreshments, you can wash your food down with a healthy watermelon juice or a fun and refreshing strawberry milk shake.

If you want a real taste of dishes from southern India, try our Mutton Chettinad – a hot and aromatic dish featuring mutton and carefully selected spices such as nutmeg, black stone flower, sambar onions, staranise, and mace. On the other hand, if you are into seafood, we have adventurous offerings like garlic prawns curry and mango fish curry to delight your tastebuds.

For something that settles nice and heavy in the stomach, you can try the Aappa kadai Hyderabadi biryani, an aromatic, spicy, and flavourful take on biryani that you will never forget.